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Posted 13 June 2006 - 11:05 PM

I read reviews on various banking sites about experiences with online banks. I saw that ING direct got good reviews and that it was fairly easy to use. I read on a forum somewhere that you could get a free $25 for signing up, all you had to do was get referred. I sent emails to a few people that posted on forums to try and find a working link, but that took awhile. I spent awhile looking around on google for working links before I found a good one. This account is nice because it doesn't require you to fill out anything and mail it in like other banks. They'll send your other account 2 small deposits (less than a dollar) and then you verify your account like that. The form was very simple and the entire sign-up process was a breeze. I could login right away and check the current status of my account and everything. My free $25 showed up right away, even though they said it could take a month or so to show up. I would definitely recommend it and I'm transferring the rest of my money into this savings account to earn the high interest.

Important: 1.) Copy and paste one of the links below into a new browser window. 2.) In the new window click where it says "Open Now" 3.) If it says: "The link you've used to open a new Orange Savings Account has either expired, or has already been used. This is no longer a valid referral link." then someone has used this link. Try another one. 4.) Don't worry about the "reference code" box because if you used the unused link then you already qualify for the $250.

"If Initial Deposit is at least $250, you will receive a $25 bonus" in red on step 4 of the application, you will receive your $25 bonus upon account opening!

Write down your customer # and remember your PIN NUMBER, you will need it to log in.

$25 Bonus ING Direct Referral Links
(Only use one of the links below if your initial deposit will be at least $250. You only get the bonus with a $250 or more opening deposit. If you just want to open an account for less than $250 go here ---> http://home.ingdirect.com/)