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7 problems with Bank of America

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Posted 08 September 2005 - 06:23 AM

The following feedback about BofA has been posted on ripoffreport.com

"I will be brief and factual only. I will not go to the level of insults. Bank of America merged with Fleet Boston. I had been with Fleet for over 13 years. And been through several merges or changes. None has been so horrible than Bank of America (BOA).

Problem 1
When they merged they sent Visa checkcards that didn't work correctly. Not only was I one of the customers, but I wasn't notified by letter or via e-mail of the problem. I was sent another card and it was when I called I found out their error. They told me they sent notification. I did not receive anything.

Problem 2
I deposited $190.00 of cash into my account through the bank teller. After 3 days of NOT seeing the amount of the deposit, I called, and was told they had no knowledge of such a deposit. I told them, I had the slip with the tellers information who took my deposit. After several days, it was finally handled and I received my money. This problem continued 4 other times when I made a deposit. I was becoming very nervous on how they handled my money.

Problem 3
I noticed a complete change in professionalism. When you called and spoke to someone they sounded very young and not knowledgeable about their bank. Several times, I would have to tell them about their own policies. Many times the representatives were curt, nasty, and ill mannered. I felt I was bothering them. And I rarely called.

Problem 4
I admit that during the summer my finances were a little different. My direct deposit was a bit lower due to summer. So, I was frequently going into the savings account to transfer funds. One time I went over and I knew there would be a fee, but what I didn't like was that...I was charged $19.00 twice. Then I noticed overcharges for using ATMS outside of BOA. They charge $1.50 per ATM well I got charged twice or three times. I was unhappy about this but let it slide

Problem 5
I received a notice from BOA stating that if I continued to withdraw from my savings account they would charge me $3.00 per withdrawl and change my savings account to one that best fits me. I thought I was in charge of my own money? I did not appreciate being told what BOA would do with my account or my money.

Problem 6
My card was lost. I called and ask for a new card to be rushed to me. I paid $20.00 even though I thought that was too much. I called the next day and asked if I could have the tracking number of FedEx or whomever so I wouldn't have to bother them. I was told no tracking number or any information about my FedEX request existed. I spoke to the rep prior to making my order who stated the card would be in my hands within 2 days. A supervisor lied to me and said it can take up to 4 days. I expressed that she was not being truthful because if it takes 5-7 days for a card to be issues and I am paying for FedEx why would it take 4 days. I need my card to use it. I received my card the next day.

Problem 7
I disupted a mere $25.00 on my account. I was denied my claim and told provisional credit was not given. I was told to fill out a Affidavit form and it would be taken card of, however after reading the form, I needed to find out how long the process would take. So I called and the rep knew nothing and stated they had no such Dispute Department. That she could not give me a day or time. I expressed concerns of sending the form via fax to just anyone. I ended up not getting my $25.00 and simply closing my account.

My story is not as horrible as others. But I realized that I do need a bank who follows the principles I live by: respect, honesty, being genuine, caring, and having consideration. Without those basics- you don't have a very good company. I decided to go to another bank which seems to be trusting and trust my name.

I am sure BOA will rebut this and I would like to tell *you* who are reading this- you should have some since of honesty when you do business with hardworking indivduals. No company is perfect and your customers may bounce a check, but you have no right to take away their integrity. I was very hurt by this bank because I loved my bank. It felt like family. Now it is simply means nothing to me.

Long Branch, New York

Source: http://www.ripoffrep...ipoff156275.htm