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Check if your WaMu credit card is eligible for WaMu Bonus Bucks program

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Posted 27 April 2008 - 09:49 AM


The following info was posted by FW memeber fattykokoya on FW:


Just login my WAMU card and click on Offers & Enhancement... saw this new program rolling out!
I am not sure if it's targeted becuz if you take a look at the FAQ below, 2nd ques, "If I am not eligible now, will I be.... blah blah...". So... I guess you have to login WAMUCARDS.com then click on Offers & Enhancement, if you see the banner, you are IN!

PDF FILE: Program flyer

Program Main Site

With your favorite retailers participating in the WaMu Bonus Bucksô program, your automatic rebates are sure to add up!

* How does the WaMu Bonus Bucks program work?
Itís easy! All you have to do is use your WaMu credit card when you shop at a store, by phone or online through the WaMu Bonus Bucks Web site. Your earnings add up automatically. Thereís nothing to do but shop and earn! Just be sure to check the terms of each offer for details on how to earn.

* Where can you earn with the WaMu Bonus Bucks program?
WaMu credit cardholders can earn automatic rebates for shopping at participating retailers. View all the brand name retailers and start earning automatic rebates today.

So.. this program is a little bit different than those Discover More where you have to click via discovercards.com. You can also make in-store purchase and earn CashBack. But it might not be that attractive compared to online or tphone...


Apparel & Accessories
Health & Beauty
Department & Discount Stores
Flowers & Gifts
Home Furnishings
Kids & Toys
Office & Electronics
Leisure & Entertainment

There are too many participating stores... I'll just post a few... "FEEL FREE TO ADD MORE TO the summary". I don't shop too much around

*ALL OF THESE ARE valid: 8/01/07 ó 1/31/08* - actually everything on the site right now is valid within this period, not sure if this program will be continued... hopefully yes

AceHardware.com: ONLINE
Reward: 5% Back

AMC Theatres
Reward: 25% Back: ADD TO CART

Add to cart: AMC Theatres Movie Ticket $ 8.00

Apple iTunes Store: ONLINE
Reward: 4% Back

Barnes & Noble.com: ONLINE
Reward: 5% Back

Footlocker.com: ONLINE
Reward: 10% Back

Kmart.com: ONLINE
Reward: 2% Back

Macys.com: ONLINE
Reward: 4% Back

Marriott.com: ONLINE
Reward: 2% Back

OldNavy.com: ONLINE
Reward: 4% Back

Target.com: ONLINE
Reward: 3% Back

Sears.com: ONLINE
Reward: 2% Back

Reward: 3% Back on Purchases of $30 or More

Reward: 1% Back on In-store Purchases of $50 or More & 2% Back on Online and Phone Purchases of $50 or More

Expedia.com: ONLINE
Reward: 2% Back

Reward: 5% Back

Avon.com: ONLINE
Reward: 12% Back

toysrus.com: ONLINE
Reward: 5% Back

.... list go on...


# What is WaMu Bonus Bucks?
WaMu Bonus Bucks is a special program just for WaMu credit cardholders that allows you to earn up to 14% in automatic rebates by shopping at participating retailers!

The WaMu Bonus Bucks program isnít available to all cardholders at this time.

# If Iím not eligible now, can I participate in the future?
You may be able to participate if the WaMu Bonus Bucks program becomes more widely available.

# How does it work?
Itís easy! There are three simple ways to shop at the participating retailers ó either in-store, online through the WaMu Bonus Bucks Web site at wamubonusbucks.com or by phone.

Simply use your WaMu credit card to make your purchases at participating retailers and youíll earn automatic rebates automatically. Be sure to check the terms of each retailerís offer, as the ways in which you earn the automatic rebates vary by retailer.

# How do I receive my rewards?
For automatic rebates earned during the previous statement cycle by using a WaMu credit card, a credit will be made automatically to your subsequent WaMu credit card statement. The credit will be a cumulative amount for all qualifying purchases made at participating retailers.

Earned automatic rebates can take up to 60 days to post to your statement. If you return an item for which you already received a rebate, we may deduct the rebate amount from the credit you receive for the return, either in the same transaction or separately.

# Where can I earn automatic rebates?
You can earn automatic rebates when shopping at any of the participating retailers in the WaMu Bonus Bucks program! Youíll find your favorites, from brand name clothing and accessories retailers, home-needs retailers, department and discount stores, restaurants and many more.

# What is the cost to participate?
There is no membership fee for the WaMu Bonus Bucks program. As long as youíre a WaMu credit cardholder, and have been selected for this special program, youíre automatically enrolled in the WaMu Bonus Bucks program. If you use your WaMu credit card to make purchases to earn automatic rebates, keep the terms of your Account Agreement in mind.

# Is WaMu Bonus Bucks a replacement of my existing rewards program?
WaMu Bonus Bucks is a benefit in addition to any existing reward programs for your WaMu credit card.

# What if I canít log in?
If youíve already registered for the WaMu Bonus Bucks Web site, but are having trouble logging in, consider the following: Usernames and Passwords are case sensitive, so be sure youíre entering the information correctly.

Also, be sure that youíre entering the Username and Password you chose during the WaMu Bonus Bucks Web site registration Ė which may not be the same as your login information for Online Access at wamucards.com.

# What if my card number changes?
If your card number changes after you register for the WaMu Bonus Bucks Web site, you donít have to update your information in any way. You are granted access to the WaMu Bonus Bucks Web site based on the Username and Password you selected during registration. We will ensure qualifying purchases made with the new card receive applicable automatic rebates.

# If I have another question about WaMu Bonus Bucks, not listed above, who can I contact?
For questions relating to the Program, and the automatic rebate offers, you may contact the WaMu Bonus Bucks Customer Service team by phone at 1-800-808-7379. Our operating hours are Monday through Friday, from 9 AM to 5:30 PM ET.

# If I have a question about my WaMu credit card, who can I contact?
For questions related to your card, contact Customer Service for assistance by calling the phone number on the back of your card.


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