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Bank of Internet's Horrible Service

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Posted 24 February 2005 - 05:48 PM

The following feedback about Bank of Internet has been posted on planetfeedback.com recently.



I opened an account with BOFI and sent in my account agreement and deposit. I received back in the mail a notice of deposit hold on my funds and another customer's notice. As with any internet transaction security is of the utmost concern. I had received another customer's confidential account information as well as his personal information. When I called in to speak to a supervisor about this matter the customer service representative took down my name and number to have one call me back. Freddie Bustria returned my call and left a message on my voicemail. I in return left a message for Mr. Bustria and his collegue Barbara whose number he also left for me. Neither of those calls were ever returned.

I called again the next day when I received an email notification that my account agreement could not be found. I again spoke with Mr. Bustria who stated he was surprised that I had not closed my account yet (seemed like more of a suggestion to me) and said he didn't know what he really could do about any of my problems but he could send me another account agreement. Within two weeks I had not received the agreement and called to order deposit slips thinking the problem must have been resolved. The customer service representative did not want to help me and suggested it would just be easier (for him) if I ordered online. Not wanting to fight any further I did so.

I received an email reply the next day from Mr. Bustria stating BOFI had not recieved an account agreement and could not send me any supplies until they did. I called Mr. Bustria about this again and he stated that he saw from the notes that someone had sent me one previously (not realized I guess that the someone was him and we had already spoken about problems previously) I have never received an apology or explaination for the problems I have encountered with BOFI.

My final dealings with the company when I called the customer service line yet again on May 15th and spoke with Dave(refused to give his last name). I also work in customer service and this was the worst experience I have ever had. Dave was very defensive and combative with me on the phone. He refused to take ownership of the call or problem and wanted to "dump" me into Mr. Bustria's voicemail. When I informed him that I was not satified with the service that Mr. Bustria had provided to date and wished to deal with another supervisor he stated "What do you want me to do about that" He never apologized for the situation or problem. He never respected me by calling me by name referring to me only as a sarcastic "maam". Dave never offered any solution to any problem I had. He was uncooperative and unprofessional. He placed me on hold without asking and talked over me and cut me off. When he finally transferred me to Mr. Bustria and I explained to him the situation I was just involved in with Dave's service he did not even acknowledge it. When I told Mr. Bustria that I wanted to close my account he never tried to stop me or keep me as a customer. He went so far as to state "I agree that's the best thing to do". He treated me, the customer, as an interruption to his day instead of the reason for his job. He refused to deal with me or my issues.

Naomi S.
Saint Louis, MO