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#4199 Inboxdollar.com warning

Posted by williamdefalco on 09 May 2005 - 10:44 PM

I'm just writing this topic to warn people about not using a website called Inboxdollars.com that was posted here by a member. It turns out it was all a waste of time. I went to that link and signed up for an account, and it promises to give out a check payment once your account balance reaches $30.00. You can reach this balance the fast way by signing up for memberships and trial offers, or you can do it the slow and free way by doing surverys and opinion polls. (And the $5.00 add-a-friend bonus only works if that friend's balance reaches $30.00 and they cash it out). Well I opted for the slow way, and once my balance finally crept to nearly $30.00, lo-and-behold I sign on one day to find out that my account has been terminated. No reason given, only that it is fully terminated. I sent an email asking an inquiry about it, but as I expected there was no response.
So long story short, all of the companies I did a survey or opinion poll with now have my email address (which they will no doubt make money off of selling to spammers), Inboxdollars.com will make an eventual cut from these sales, and then they can easily skip paying a members account by cutting it off at the last legal moment. What a waste of time this turned out to be.